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Fast closing for Automotive

Customer:PIERBURG s.p.a.
Address:Via Orlando, 86 - Livorno


To obtain a fast closure resistant to wind thrust, given the location of the door: a tunnel-shaped room exposed to strong gusts of wind coming from the sea. To maintain an easy maneuvering and transit space even in the points closest to the door structure.


Obtain a safe, fast and windproof closure; ensure maximum safety for operators during numerous passages throughout the day.


We proposed the installation of REWIND ROLL SELF-REPAIRING. This model is particularly suitable for its remarkable efficiency and resistance to external agents, as certified by the attached documentation. The characteristics make it efficient, even in the strongest wind conditions, in each of its opening and closing, such speed facilitates the work and the passage of workers.


To complete the installation, we have equipped the automotive fast door with magnetic loops on the floor and rows of additional portholes. Our technicians also took care of making the floor cuts and subsequent restoration with specific equipment and materials. The customer’s expectations were fully met and the tests confirmed the positive outcome of the work.