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Control access to your company and protect your staff.

Protect your company and your staff from any virus spread, control the access of the staff by enforcing the rules and / or regulations, and finally manage access from outside and between departments of authorized people by installing the Thermoscanner, a device that allows the control of body temperature and access regulation in combination with the Rewind Door.

Thermoscanner, temperature control and access regulation:

One of the main measures taken as a prevention to coronavirus is temperature control, which allows to increase the level of safety in the company.

The Thermoscanner has a 5″ display, with an original and minimalist design.

In the settings are set the desired parameters, for example the temperature, set by the system at 37.2 ° C and detected by an infrared sensor. In case of higher temperature, an alarm will be triggered immediately.

Once the temperature is set, you can choose whether or not to insert the mask for face scanning:

  • If the mask mode is not active: during the face scan, the mask is not worn and only the temperature is detected and the input is granted;
  • If the face mask mode is active: during the face scan the system triggers the alarm and signals the need to wear it; once worn, the system proceeds with the face and body temperature scanning.

The Thermoscanner also supports optional facial recognition, thanks to a database where the employees of the company are entered with the following information:

  • photo
  • name
  • gender
  • job description
  • ID number (entered at will)
  • date and time of access allowed


Rewind door to divide the rooms and departments of your company:

The Rewind fast roll-up door is extremely safe, high-performing, free of rigid elements and guarantees the best performance for separating rooms with a high degree of airtightness.

The door is completely made of extruded aluminum profiles because:

  • it is a light but resistant alloy and 100% recyclable;
  • it is a hygienic material and easy to clean;
  • it saves time and money;
  • it is resistant to corrosion and rust.

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