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Installation of 2 Evo fast doors for the food sector

Customer:Alival Spa
Address:Castel del Piano (GR)


The client asked us to separate the rooms and preserve the greatest thermal seal for temperature-controlled environments, and also requested to ensure operation even in the absence of voltage or in emergency conditions. Of crucial importance to the customer is the maintenance of hygiene standards and insulation from elements that could compromise the quality of food products.


To achieve separation between the inside and outside of the premises, so as to ensure high thermal and hygienic insulation, isolating the processing rooms from elements coming from outside.


After analyzing the situation, the technicians decided to install EVO fast doors, a product that reflects standards of modernity and efficiency, as well as meeting the standards in force in food environments. The simplicity of use and the rapidity of opening and closing allow operators, forklifts and trolleys to pass through in the shortest time possible, thus minimally compromising the insulation of the processing environment. The PVC cloth and the closing system are specially designed for the case in question and guarantee the maximum maintenance of hygienic and thermal standards.


We used the UPS system to ensure that the door would open autonomously even in the event of a power failure or in emergency situations. Photocells and resistive coast were installed to ensure maximum safety for employees. we chose to install Evo hermetic fast doors, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. A subertex cloth was applied to the Evo door, suitable for environments that require high insulation and insulation. The structure is made of anodized aluminum, which preserves the characteristics of the metal and prevents corrosion, and the accessories are made of 316 stainless steel.