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Fast closing for garage sector

Customer:Gomme e Autoaccessori Pellegrini
Address:Via Aurelia - Riccò del Golfo SP
Branch:Garage (tire mounting)


Curb drafts and limit the temperature range inside the plant in order to ensure better workflow and suitable conditions for operators even with fast and safe openings.


Solve the thermal gap caused by air currents through a closure with high performance and at the same time aesthetically pleasing. To illuminate the working environment even when the door is closed, thanks to the large portholes that allow light to pass through during daylight hours.


After evaluating the customer’s needs, it was decided to install a SMART roll-up door, laterally pedestrian walkways will be installed. The coiling door SMART has great qualities of resistance to shocks and impacts thanks to the tubes inserted in the mantle also installed the motor ensures efficiency and reliability in the cycle of opening / closing. The whole is equipped with safety accessories such as photocells and sensitive coast.


Installation was quick and easy thanks to the pre-wiring of the structure that we carried out in advance. Special attention has been paid to the particular ZIP sliding of the guides.