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Fast door for Cosmetic Medical sector

Customer:Pasquali Srl
Address:Via F. Vannetti Donnini - Prato PO
Branch:Medical Cosmetic


To seal the various departments of the laboratory, making work safer and ensuring the best performance given the high movement of means, with a fast, modern and reliable door.


To install fast and performing doors able to seal the various departments of the laboratory, thus creating a safe environment but at the same time easy and optimal for all the medical cosmetic activities carried out by the customer.


We proposed the installation of the REWIND fast door. Highly airtight, wind resistant door with a structure completely made of aluminum. The self-repairing curtain allows the door, in case it goes out of the guides, to go back in automatically without the intervention of specialized technicians. The quality of the curtain also makes it possible to guarantee adequate insulation between rooms in order to keep products in different departments separate. The combination of the innovative motor and the structure offer great reliability during the numerous passages of personnel between sectors.


We installed the REWIND fast door, self-repairing, using our technicians without hindering the normal flow of work.
The sliding system of the PVC curtain, operated inside lateral guides with a very low friction coefficient, makes REWIND hermetic and the noise is drastically reduced.