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Smart roll-up door for automation sector

Customer:Molino Parri srl
Address:Molino Parri srl Fraz. Rigomagno Sinalunga (SI)
Branch:Food Sector - Cereal Processing


To replace two sliding curtains that were uncomfortable to use and did not allow a fast opening – closing time to isolate the premises as required by food industry regulations. Therefore, change to fast, more modern doors that conform as required to the company’s standards.


Create fast accesses to the plant to avoid dispersions and minimize pollution of the areas, with entrances equipped with fast, safe doors built with materials suitable for the food sector. Ensure suitable maneuvering space for goods transport vehicles and maximum safety for operators.


We proposed a partial readjustment of what was already in place, with the creation of two useful compartments to support the new fast doors. The rewind doors were installed, which in the presence of heavy traffic guarantee reliability and safety even in case of impacts. The combination of innovative structures and high quality tarpaulins ensured that the environment was suitably insulated and that passing operations affected the aseptic nature of the premises as little as possible.


We made a support structure for the door that made its installation faster as well as being durable and capable of supporting the great weight of the product. Moreover, the use of means such as cranes and mobile platforms has allowed us to work in total safety and in a short time.