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Fast Door for Garages

Customer:F.G.S. Autoricambi
Address:Loc Santa Giustina - Pontremoli MS


The client needed to shelter the workplace (auto repair shop) from the weather (water and wind) and cold during the harshest months and have passage of natural light.


To have a door with a high resistance to gusts of wind, that would allow to be used even in the presence of snow and that would limit water infiltration from the floor. Another important factor is the maneuvering space around the door structure that must allow agile movements without hindrance.


We decided to install EVO the door completely made of aluminum, highly resistant to wind thrust and with double lip gasket on the floor. The best solution for the customer’s needs. The quality of the cloths provides excellent thermal sealing, as well as from rain or hail.


The aluminum exposed to snow remains unaltered over time, the pvc cloth of the Evo model with high thermal insulation and floor, the double sector High Vision and a serigraphy have made it all as well as effective, beautiful to see.
The installation in the day has allowed to limit hindrance to the normal activities of the workshop.