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Fast Door for Rail Transport

Address:Romito Station - Florence
Branch:Railway Transport


To delimit an area of the current locomotive maintenance shop preventing the entrance of unauthorized people and creating a barrier for the strong wind gusts to which the room is subjected being a “tunnel”.
To guarantee an agile and safe passage at the same time with modern and performing products.


To create accesses on the current rails to be used for the entry and exit of locomotives allowing a fast opening and closing, limiting access only to authorized personnel and ensuring maximum security.


The use of the Smart fast-packing door made it possible to obviate the strong thrusts and gusts of wind as well as ensuring the total safety of the operators thanks to the cloth reinforced by tubular. Photocells and safety edge make every single passage 100% safe so that employees can move without any risk.


The solid self-supporting structure allowed to create compartments of adequate size for the passage of a single locomotive and made possible the installation without the need for additional support structures. The use of our crane trucks and platforms allowed us to carry out a fast and independent installation of the closures, limiting the hindrance with the passage of trains in maintenance.