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Fast door for Supermarket

Customer:Commissary Livorno of Camp Darby


To compartmentalize the existing environments by separating the sales rooms from the warehouse rooms with a fast occurrence of the opening and closing process.


Subdivide the premises creating an operational space for workers and a sales environment usable by end users. All this while guaranteeing maximum speed and safety for staff and customers with a high-performance product that is discreet in appearance.


We decided to install the REWIND ROLL SELF-REPAIRING model, high performance, safe and fast door.
This business closure, completely made of aluminum, combines efficiency and aesthetics allowing to obtain an elegant final result as well as functional. The technical specifications of the product ensure that it always performs at its best to allow staff to pass continuously without a hitch.


Thanks to our high standards, we installed the REWIND ROLL fast closure with increased High Vision lightholes to meet the special requirements of U.S. regulations. Our technicians also kept interference with normal supermarket operations to a minimum and were able to position the door structure in a confined space without obstruction.