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Rewind Top roll-up door for paper company

Customer:Pratolungo Paper Mill
Address:Via delle Cartiere - Villa Basilica
Branch:Paper Industry


Weatherproof the main entrance to the paper mill with technologic, reliable, high-performance doors


To make the transit in and out as fast and safe as possible allowing the staff the necessary shelter from the outside ensuring thermal maintenance to employees and insulation from external factors such as wind and rain so that machinery and products remain perfectly intact.


We proposed an application of Rewind Top – with more number of windows, so as to also allow the passage of natural light, the cloth used enjoys excellent qualities of insulation from the weather. In addition, the celerity of the latest generation motor allows the doors to open and close quickly, minimizing the exposure of the interior rooms.


The self-repairing door combined with the opening system through magnetic loop on the floor has made the use of the same safe and usable in complete autonomy, making it easy to transit maneuvers of forklifts. The special aluminum structure has allowed a fast assembly and ensures minimum space requirements as well as being very resistant.