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Rewind fast door for wine sector

Customer:Podere Sapaio
Address:Locality Lo Scopaio - Castagneto Carducci LI
Branch:Wine Cellar


Separate the warehouse from the wine bottling department by creating two distinct areas, also in terms of temperature, with a modern and efficient fast door.


To install a high-performance fast door able to combine speed in opening and closing with airtightness and to obtain two distinct environments both in terms of space and temperature. The customer expects a benefit in productivity and optimality of the working environment.


We proposed the installation of REWIND L’AUTORIPARABILE.
Fast door that thanks to the motorization with inverter NICE reaches a speed of 2 mt/sec thus ensuring fast and safe opening and closing at the same time.
The mantle adheres perfectly to the side guides while maintaining the compactness of the door.
The structure is completely made of aluminum so it is resistant to rust and corrosion, ideal for wineries. The type of curtain also provides excellent insulation between the two environments in such a way as to comply with the standards of the industry also from the point of view of safety.      


By combining NICE technology and electronics with pre-wiring during construction, we have provided a customized and optimal solution for the context. The small size of the door allowed our technicians to assemble and test it in less than a day.