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Fast door for paper mill sector

Customer:Cartindustria Eurocarta Srl
Address:Via del Centenario - Porcari LU
Branch:Paper mill


To install closures that can make the entrances to the new building practical and safe but at the same time resistant and able to cover a large passage for vehicles.


Install high-performance industrial doors capable of limiting the action of external agents (water and wind), which facilitate the entry and exit of forklifts and employees while maintaining a high level of security, an essential factor in the paper mill industry.


We proposed the installation of 3 REWIND Self-repairing fast doors, our hermetic and resistant to external agents industrial closures were the ideal solution to the needs of the client’s new plant. In addition, the door is equipped with a pair of photocells and the special resistive rib so as to always maintain a high level of security while moving.


The installation and laying required the use of aerial platforms and crane trucks; our expert staff coordinated the various production departments, concluding the work in the shortest possible time. The cloths chosen were particularly resistant and of high quality.