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Rewind auto repair door at garage

Customer:Autofficine Biagioni F.lli Srl
Address:Via della Repubblica - Fornaci di Barga (LU)


Replace the old business door with a new higher performing, modern and faster door.


Install a fast and secure closure for the customer acceptance gate. Requirements needed speed of opening and closing, maximum control and security that will last for a long time despite intensive use during the day.


We installed the Rewind self-repairing fast door with Nice motor guaranteeing very high performance levels. Security at entry and exit has been improved thanks to the installation of a magnetic loop placed at the entrance of the customer acceptance gate. We have also installed photocells and a resistive rib to complete the control system. The curtain has been designed with a High Vision glass section in order to obtain the maximum brightness inside the workshop. The Rewind door guarantees reliable and long-lasting performance as well as compliance with current safety standards and ensures a good degree of ventilation in the workshop.       


The combination of resistive edge, photocells and magnetic loop have created the right mix of control and safety, interpreting the customer’s needs. Pre-assembly of the engine components made assembly quick.