Rewind Rapid Door for Paper Company

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Rewind RAPID Door for Paper Company

Customer:Celtex Montecarlo
Address:Via Traversa del Marginone, 21, Montecarlo (LU)
Sector:Paper Company, Paper Technology


To separate two internal rooms used for the production of paper and cardboard, optimizing the passage and restricting it to the workers. It is necessary that these passages take place in a quick and rapid manner and that the door installed is simple to use.


Install a modern and fast door to ensure at most rapid movements so as to maintain an optimal work rhythm. It is also of paramount importance that employees can pass through safely with work vehicles and forklifts.


After studying the customer’s workspace, our technicians decided to install a REWIND rapid door model that guarantees high performance even during the most intense moments of the working day. The transit sensors allow the employees to pass without the need of always using a remote control or the push button panel placed next to the door. The numerous safety systems such as photocells and resistive coast allow to guarantee the maximum safety of the operators who use our product, these systems allow the REWIND door to comply with current safety regulations and industry standards.


The REWIND door was assembled in a short time by two of our technicians, this was allowed by the pre-wiring and pre-assembly operations of some components so that we could interfere as little as possible with production activities.