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Installation of 2 Rewind roll-up doors for automotive sector

Customer:Pierburg Spa
Address:Livorno (LI)


Separate and control the test rooms from the production rooms with motorized closing and opening doors to ensure a high degree of safety for both people, structures and machinery and facilitate the numerous movements.


To find a space-saving solution that would guarantee fast and secure opening and closing at any time of day, with controllable access for both people and goods, and that would also be in line with the company’s high standards of quality and modernity.


Analyzing the project, we chose to install Rewind high-speed roll-up doors. The Rewind door guarantees high security thanks to the lightness of the door leaf and the provision of STD electronics, which allows for the integration and control of the openings with the company’s existing access control system. The slender and robust aluminum profiles installed allowed a perfect contextualization to the premises.


The simple and complete STD electronics allowed to integrate and control the openings with the existing access control system of the company. The particular PVC curtain has allowed the insertion of portholes, moreover the insertion of photocells guarantees a great safety for the employees.