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Rewind roll-up door at a company in the textile sector

Customer:Ecofibre Srl
Address:Via Paolo Paoletti - Montale (PT)


Replace the old roll-up door with a new, higher-performance fast door for the continuous passage of vehicles.


Install a new closure that is functional, weatherproof and airtight. Ensure many opening and closing cycles to allow the continuous passage of forklifts inside the structure to be agile and without any interruption.


We proposed the installation of Rewind Self-Repairing Fast Door suitable for both exterior and interior use. The installation of the Rewind roll-up door was the best choice for the type of needs of the client, a company in the textile industry. Rewind self-repairing door is equipped with a front cover and a motor cover completely made of aluminum. The type of motor is particularly suitable for the case and allows intensive use for the passage of vehicles without any safety risks or hindrance to the continuous passage of employees.


We installed the new door quickly and occupying the customer as little time as possible thanks to the use of a platform and a crane that we have set up independently and the preparation for assembly during the product assembly cycle.