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Installation of 5 Slim roll-up doors

Customer:Società Agricola Odorico
Address:Via Sterpo,44 - Loc. Sivigliano - Rivignano (UD)


The client needed to divide the inside part from the outside part of the greenhouse to create two different climatic environments without compromising the health of the products during door operation.


The client needed to guarantee the temperature difference of the two different environments so that the products could be grown inside the greenhouse without any kind of problem and that it would allow the employees to move safely and easily.


After careful analysis, we selected the Slim roll-up door, suitable for temperature-controlled environments thanks to the hermetic nature of the curtain. This type of door is particularly suitable for temperature changes, weather and rust resistant, ideal for dividing two rooms in total safety and hermeticity. This solution is especially suitable to cover the typical needs of the agricultural sector thanks to its thermo-insulating characteristics, safety and resistance to numerous openings and closures during production.


In order to meet the customer’s needs, transparent sectors have been inserted on each Slim roll-up door in order to facilitate the entry of light into the greenhouse. Thanks to the pre-wiring during production, the doors were assembled in 2 days. The product has been equipped with accessories such as photocells, flashing lights and the customer has been provided with a remote control for the remote control of the door.