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Installation of 3 Smart folding doors for maritime sector

Customer:Teloneria Banci
Address:Cargo Port La Spezia
Sector:Maritime - Naval Transports


Replace the old, heavy, noisy iron closures with slow motorized maneuvering and constantly attacked by salt mists, with new Smart fold up doors, faster and more modern that provide excellent endurance to wearing factors.


To replace the old iron doors, no longer functional, with new doors that would guarantee a solid resistance to wind and salt spray corrosion and that would be easy to use and highly reliable, given the considerable size and the high number of daily operations. Being able to have a smooth and safe passage thanks to a product tailored to give the maximum even in the most adverse weather situations.


We have chosen to install Smart doors, the ideal combination of robustness and performance and no limitation in size. It can guarantee stability and resistance to salt spray, thanks to the steel reinforcement tubes inserted in the thermo-welded pockets of the curtain, and it is one of the fastest doors for Nice single-speed motorization. Despite the considerable size and great weight of the product, it has been installed in such a way as to affect the supporting structure and the building as little as possible, also guaranteeing the maximum possible manoeuvring space in adjacent spaces. In addition, the product does not require continuous or intrusive maintenance to ensure durability and effectiveness during its life cycle.


The client’s expectations were fully met with the realization of the pack up doors and, thanks to their ease of installation, the time of interference with the activities of the port was minimized, however, the size of the doors made it necessary to use a crane truck by the technicians who handled the assembly. The resistance is guaranteed by the tubulars inserted inside the pockets of the cloth.