Smart waste sector folding door

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Laying of a Smart folding door

Customer:Sieco Srl
Address:Strada Poggino, 5 - 1100 Viterbo (VT)
Branch:Waste Industry


Divide the waste storage portion from the outdoor portion while minimizing environmental pollution.


The client needed to completely seal the compartment to the ground and sides, ensuring maximum resistance to weathering and guaranteeing the effectiveness of insulating the environment from a thermal and hygienic point of view over time despite intensive use.


We proposed to the customer and installed a Smart pack door suitable for solutions for large compartments. This type of door is complete with all safety devices, such as sensitive edges with Wireless device. The installed door is resistant to rain and wind thanks to the stability given by the structure and the tubes inserted inside the curtain. The characteristics of the door allow to keep it perfectly sealed when closed however it shows quickness in the opening process to allow the passage of the operators, in this way the compromise of the surrounding environment caused by the waste is minimized.


The installation of the door was facilitated thanks to the pre-assembly in the production phase that allowed a rapid assembly, although challenging given the large size of the product. Given the weight given by the tubes inserted in the cloth, it was necessary to use special safety systems to allow our technicians to work in total safety.