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Smart packet doors installation

Customer:Scatolificio Rinascente Srl
Address:Via Provinciale di Mercatale, 92 - Vinci (FI)
Branch:Box factory


Enclose a movable enclosure from both sides with RAPID, convenient and secure packet doors.


Installation of large doors that would allow the continuous passage of trucks using all the useful space of the tunnel opening, but able to ensure maximum safety of personnel and vehicles used. Moreover, it is necessary to limit as much as possible the action of external agents and bad weather with a resistant insulation while maintaining the simplicity and practicality of use.


The Smart pack doors we installed are ideal for large closures (up to 12 meters wide and up to 10 meters high). This type of industrial closures guarantee maximum resistance to wind and weather especially thanks to the tubes inserted inside the mantle. Particular attention has been paid to the safety aspect which is guaranteed by the reopening systems in case of obstruction installed in the door.


Thanks to the experience gained by our technicians over the years, we have installed the doors by means of Cranes and Platforms that have made the installation fast and optimal. The supply of remote controls has made the use of these two doors even more practical and intuitive. Tubular tubes have been inserted inside the canvas to guarantee resistance, and the portholes inserted allow natural light to filter into the internal rooms.