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Installation of 4 doors to pack Smart for Fire Brigade

Customer:Fire Brigade
Address:Locality Antiche Saline - Portoferraio (LI)
Branch:Fire department sectors


Replace old doors with new Smart pack doors that are more modern, safer and faster for emergency vehicle egress.


Replace old sectional doors that are no longer functional and are now obsolete with a solution that is faster, more practical and resistant to wind and weather. The customer required the need to also install the motors in the light to allow the exit of emergency vehicles safely at any time of day, keeping the light of the compartment on. In addition, it is important that the opening ensures timely intervention of operators who must pass with bulky vehicles.


We have analyzed the case in detail, choosing to install the Smart doors that, thanks to the reinforcement tubes inserted in the thermo-welded pockets of the cloth, are able to ensure stability and wind resistance like no other door. In fact, they are the best solution for large rooms and, above all, for being located outside. The Smart door, with Nice single-speed motorization as standard, is one of the snappiest doors despite its large size, ensuring total safety thanks to the resistive rib and the photocells installed. Despite the large size of the door the structure it affects only minimally in the adjacent space, thus allowing the passage in complete safety of vehicles without causing any disturbance.


We mounted the doors through the use of cranes and platform. The motors in the light were incorporated into the structure during production, facilitating the assembly itself. Thanks to the prearrangement operations for the assembly of the product, the intallation has minimally affected the work of the Fire Department.