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Smart roll-up door for automation sector

Customer:LM Automations
Address:Toscanella di Dozza (BO)


The client, a company specializing in painting, in the process of remodeling its production facilities needs a cover for a large room used for the frequent passage of trucks.


To install a large door that allows frequent passage of heavy vehicles in maximum safety but at the same time guarantees fast opening and closing cycles to make movement RAPID and easy.


After evaluating the customer’s needs, it was decided to install a SMART roll-up door, laterally pedestrian walkways will be installed. The fold up door SMART has great qualities of resistance to shocks and impacts thanks to the tubes inserted in the mantle also the installed motor ensures efficiency and reliability in the cycle of opening / closing. The whole is equipped with safety accessories such as photocells and sensitive edge.


Pre-wiring and preparation for assembly carried out by our technicians before installation made it possible to complete the work in just one day and keep the working environment tidy and safe so as to affect as little as possible in the normal activities of the company. Given the large size of the door, it was necessary to work at height with a forklift and other machinery.