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Soundproofed fast door for car washes

Customer:Primera srl
Address:Loc Contea Rufina (FI)
Branch:Car Washes


The client needed to limit noise emission to the outside of the wash facility, block water spray, and have a cloth that was resistant to soaps and solvents.


Maximum airtightness of the doors, total integration of the automatisms with the automatic washing system, materials suitable to be in contact with water, maximum limitation of any damage caused by improper use by users, being an “automatic”. Essential are also the security systems that must ensure the safety of customers and employees.


The use of the Rewind top model has allowed to have at disposal the suitable solutions to be able to answer to the customer. The door completely in aluminum, self-repairing and with highly versatile electronics and multiple configurations has allowed to obtain an optimal result. The special cloths and the hermetic closure of the door make it perfect to limit the exit of water and prevent any damage that soaps could cause.


For the specific case we also used a highly insulating insulated cloth. The preparation of our technicians has allowed to install in a short time not hindering the system, the configuration studied by our technicians guarantees great safety for the car wash employees and customers. Moreover, during the production phase, the motor and the various components have been made resistant to water and solvents.